Grown Fresher In The Bahamas

Our Journey

Eeden Farms is The Bahamas' first hydroponic container farming system and the premier generator of fresh and sustainable produce. 


Eeden Farms commenced its operations in 2021 with its three flagship container farms committed to its mission of national food security in The Bahamas and across the Caribbean Region.


Our container farms produce more than 500 crop varieties, from lettuce varieties, to herbs and edible flowers.


To expand on Eeden's commitment to food security, it is now focused on the establishment of a 71,000 square foot indoor world-class robotics and AI enabled vertical farm in The Bahamas via a joint venture entitled Eeden Acres, between Eeden Farms and 80 Acres. This commercial-scale farm will produce up to 2 million lbs annually of clean and healthy leafy greens and berries.


Eeden Acres is passionate about building farms in Island Nations across the region, fulfilling its mission to provide a sustainable solution to food security, quality and health.



Our Values

Healthy produce

Non-GMO, Presticide Free,

Delicious and nutritious microgreens, leafy greens, herbs and berries.

Farm to Table

Extended Shelf Life, Reduced Shrink,

Supply Chain Simplified for optimal nutrition, On-Demand response to food needs.

Education & Training

Transfer of Knowledge Program. Engagement in advanced training and educational support.

Sustainable Food Security

Environmentally responsible. 97% less water. Predictable year-round weather resilient harvests and stable pricing for consumers, restaurants and retailers.

Technological Advancement

Research and development unveiling and utilizing new AgTech & innovation to expand commercial scale hydroponically grown produce. Traceability and real data.

Economic Development

Reducing the $1 Billion Bahamas Food Import Bill. National Food Security. High-value agricultural job creation and careers. Workforce diversity.

Eeden is focused on addressing serious global food supply challenges.

  • Growing population
  • Increased urbanization
  • Increased extreme weather events
  • Significant import / food mileage issues
  • Waning resources
  • Food safety and traceability concerns
  • Sovereign food security

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